2014-2015 Call

Successful Projects

The sixth call included two priority areas:Knowledge Translation and Transfer Research and Development, and Knowledge Implementation and Evaluation. The call was met with a high level of interest from the University of Guelph community and resulted in 10 funded projects, totaling approximately $600,000.

Click on the investigator below to view the executive summary:

Project TitlePrincipal Investigator

Guelph Family Health Study: Improving family health by increasing knowledge translation between Ontario agriculture, policy makers, researchers, health professionals, and parents

Jess Haines

Understanding opinion leaders in online media to balance the agricultural biotechnology conversation

Alexandra Grygorczyk

Growing the Biomass Marketplace: Agronomy, and Livestock Bedding Knowledge and Application

Bill Deen

Apps to Foster Precision Feeding on Ontario Dairy Farms

John Cant

Developing a WebGIS Based Modelling Tool for Examining Cost Effectiveness of Best Management Practices in a Representative Agricultural Watershed

Wanhong Yang

Building Healthy Rural Communities Through Knowledge Translation, Transfer and Dissemination

Wayne Caldwell
Mapping food waste challenges and opportunities across the value chainKate Parizeau
Performance Benchmarking for Ontario Dairy Farms: Shaping the Future through Understanding the PresentGetu Hailu
Development and Delivery of Workshops and Guidebook on Wastewater Management for Dairy and Beef OperationsChristopher Kinsley
The Hard to Reach Veterinarian: Understanding KTT Preferences of Dairy Veterinarians to Effectively Communicate and Deliver Provincial ProgramsDavid Kelton