Fall 2010 Call

Fall Call 2010 Successful Projects

The second call for Category A proposals funded by Agri-Food and Rural Link, the Knowledge Translation and Transfer program under the OMAFRA - U of G Partnership has resulted in support for 11 projects, totalling more than $635,000 in funding. Two letters of intent for Category B projects from the fall call were invited back to the full proposal stage. 

Click on the project title below to view the executive summary:

Project Title

Principal Investigator

The Ontario Rural Landowners Stewardship Guide: Extending Its Application Across Rural Ontario - Review, Refinement and Promotion

Wayne Caldwell

Creating Awareness about the Demand for Locally Produced Ethno-cultural Vegetables: discovering barriers and opportunities to this niche market's entry

Glen Filson

Cover crop decision-making tools

Laura Van Eerd

Knowledge Transfer of the High Immune Response Technology to the Dairy Industry and the Dairy Support Industry as a Best Management Practice to Improve Animal Health

Bonnie Mallard

Enhancement of the Food Safety Network at the University of Guelph

Art Hill

Developing Educational Resources for Specialty Crop Production in Ontario

Alan McKeown

Bioeconomy Seminar Series and Innovative Outreach Program for Wider Dissipation of Knowledge

Amar Mohanty

Enhanced effectiveness of animal research KTT

Kees de Lange

Celebrating partnership: Delivery of a Community-University Tradeshow

Linda Hawkins

Development of a Poultry Catching and Transport Welfare Decision-Tree - Should this bird be loaded?

Michele Guerin

Delivering High Skills Programs in Agriculture, Horticulture, Food and Environment: Professional Development Workshop Series for secondary school educators

Jonathon Schmidt

Building Regional Food Hubs in Ontario through effective knowledge translation and transfer: Creating resilient Ontario communities

Karen Landman

Delivery of Functionality Intrenational Conference IV: Ontario-Agri-Food Industry Showcase to the World

Alejandro Marangoni

Best Management Practices for Pollination & Pollinators: Promoting & Sustaining a Crucial Ecosytem Service

Peter Kevan

Maintaining sustainable sport opportunities in rural communities by communicating new research in turfgrass management on IPM and pesticide free turfgrass management

Eric Lyons

Best Management Practices for Manure and Organic Waste Treatment Technologies: Use of Videos, Workshops and Research Notes to Enhance Adoption of Technologies

Anna Crolla