Spring 2010 Call

Spring 2010 Call Successful Projects

View the first call for KTT proposals successful projects: spring 2010 approved projects and Principal Investigators.

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Project Title

Principal Investigator

Measuring the Impact of a Participatory Approach to Accelerating the Adoption of Practices and Procedures to Control Johne's Disease on Ontario Dairy Farms

David Kelton

Doing Democracy with Circles: Workshops for Public Sector Professionals

Wayne Caldwell

Best Practices in Rural Economic Development and Planning: A Learning Series for Municipal Councillors and Practitioners

Wayne Caldwell

Application of learning alliances to enhancing economic and environmental sustainability of food processors through efficient use of resources

Khosrow Farahbakhsh

Animal Welfare and Food Animal Production - Training and education for leaders in Ontario's food animal sectors

Tina Widowski

Increasing poultry biosecurity by developing an instructional DVD with practical on-farm examples and promoting participation in interactive poultry biosecurity seminars

Michele Guerin

CALF-ETERIA: Using CALF health and productivity as a template for an Evaluation of Translation and Extension of Research Information for Agriculture

Ken Leslie

Policy Education Program (PEP)


Alan Ker

Agri-food for Healthy Aging (A-HA): Building connections and advancing knowledge within the agri-food, nutrition and health sectors


Alison Duncan

Development and Assessment of Quality Milk Courses for Ontario Dairy Sheep and Dairy Goat Producers


Paula Menzies

Enhancing BUS*4550/4560, Interdisciplinary Product Development Course


Melanie Lang

Enhancing the KTT of Field Crop Production information to Ontario growers


Francois Tardif

Exploring the effectiveness of mobile web browsing, open data, and social media technology to improve communication with clients


Janice LeBoeuf

Developing capacity for knowledge translation and transfer in agri-food public health in Canada


Scott McEwen and Andrijana Rajic

Young Workers in Ontario's Rural Labour Market: Current Realities and Strategic Options for Employees and Employers


Sara Mann

Human Resource Management Practices in the Agri-sector: A Tool for Rural Employers


Sara Mann

Market survey to enable enhancement of the existing KTT by Equine Guelph to Ontario's extensive equine industry


Gayle Ecker