Winter 2011 Call

Winter Call 2011 Successful Projects

During the winter 2011 call, 19 projects were funded, totalling approximately $960,000 in funding. There was a high level of interest in this program from across the University of Guelph campuses, and the successful projects are an indication of the diversity of interest in extending research knowledge to the broader community.

Click on the project title below to view the executive summary:

Project Title

Principal Investigator

Web-based KTT Infrastructure

Pat Remillard

Development of consolidated and comprehensive 'Food for Health' content for the Agri-Food and Rural Link KTT website

Gopi Paliyath

Planning for Agriculture: KTT to Engage Municipalities, Farmers and the Public

Wayne Caldwell

CME KTT Outreach Seminar Series

Melanie Lang

Development of an Ontario Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium

Ken Leslie

Advisory and Outreach for Apiculture in Ontario

Ernesto Guzman-Novoa

Establishment of an Ontario site for CgFARAD at the University of Guelph for the translation and transfer of food animal drug residue avoidance and toxicant exposure knowledge

Ron Johnson

A dynamic action threshold decision-making tool for soybean growers

Rebecca Hallett

Ontario Agri-Environmental Research Data Repository

Wayne Johnston

Clear Language Research Summaries: Process, Training, Outputs and Dissemination

Linda Hawkins

Application of Participatory Model Building (PMB)to enhance knowledge translation in pollution prevention in the food processing sector

Khosrow Farahbahksh

Bridging the gap between science and policy in the agri-food sector through knowledge synthesis and translation (KST) support tools

Scott McEwen and Andrijana Rajic

Evaluating the Role of Knowledge Translation & Transfer to Enhance Farm Organization Capacity to Participate More Effectively in Collaborative Decision Making

John Fitzgibbon

SPARK Research Articles and Research Videos to Support the KTT Program

Owen Roberts

Open Access and Copyright Issues Related to KTT for the OMAFRA-UoG Partnership

Helen Hambly and Chantal Phillips

"Report on Research" - Implementation of an Extension Program based on Equine Industry Needs and Priorities using a multimedia approach through social media channels

Gayle Ecker and Jeff Thomason