About the Project

The Knowledge Translation and Transfer program was set up by OMAFRA to promote exchange and presentation of knowledge between academia and industry, with a collaborative link between these two stakeholders.  This presentation of knowledge is an objective, "agenda-free" form of education, with equal input from many collaborators from many different groups. 

Through our work and discussions with several poultry veterinarians, we have found that coccidiosis remains a problem in the poultry industry. However, the problem of coccidiosis is mostly due to a lack of understanding of the parasite leading to confusion in how to deal with it and how to properly manage the problem.    

Main Goal

The main goal of this extension project is to foster proactive coccidiosis control management in the poultry industry by developing a self-guided, interactive educational tool that includes a feature film and this website. 

How This Project Can Help You

This project will provide a basic understanding of the parasite and its methods of control in a production system similar to yours and, may assist with parasite management (in addition to knowledge from your poultry veterinarian and poultry industry representative).

The information presented does NOT intend to replace proper veterinary care, but rather provides end-users with reliable, focused education.

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