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Cost of Coccidiosis

Coccidiosis continues to burden the poultry industry worldwide (1).  This disease is one of the most frequently reported disease worldwide and is present wherever poultry are raised (1,2).  The annual cost of coccidiosis globally is estimated to be approximately $2.4 billion (2).  However, each country and local city has different costs associated with coccidiosis.  The cost of coccidiosis and impact on poultry production is due to the cost of coccidial control (e.g. medication and vaccination), predisposition to secondary disease, sickness (e.g. decreased performance due to impaired growth rate, poor feed conversion or temporary reduction in egg production) and mortality (3).     

global prevalence of coccidiosis

Figure 1. The global prevalence of reported clinical and subclinical coccidosis in commercial chicken flocks (2).

oocysts shed pertotal birds

Figure 2. Estimation of the number of chickens produced worldwide and the number of oocysts shed per infected non-immune chicken (2). 

Percentage of Annual Global Cost of Coccidiosis

Figure 3. The percentage of drug related and coccidiosis diseases costs of the approximate global cost of coccidiosis - $2.4 billion (2).


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