About the Day

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April 15th 2014 - 9:00am - 3:30pm

A one-day symposium to share effective knowledge mobilization (KMb) and knowledge translation and transfer (KTT) tools, methods, and best practices to increase the impact and uptake of research knowledge. And to celebrate 5 years of KTT at OMAF MRAUofG!
  • Keynote speaker(s)
  • Engaging Workshops
  • Student Video and Poster Presentations

This year saw the debut of our guest blogs, where audience members could submit their ideas from the day.  The day also asked the audience to think into the future and describe where they think KTT will be in 5 years.  Find this information and more at http://knowledgeexchangeday.wordpress.com/


Don't forget to check out our exciting agenda!

Knowledge Exchange Day Program (Issuu)

Knowledge Exchange Day  Program (PDF)


Tim Nelson -  Why Bother with KTT?

Katrina Hitchman - Canadian Water Network Program Evaluation: Assessing Outputs, outcomes and value to end users

Jacqui Empson Laporte - Social Media Performance Measures: Inspiring Insights

Jonathan Newman - Grant applications and data management plans

Carol Perry - KTT Data Repository

Ian McDonald - The need for broad access to data

Mike Cowbrough - Using data to create web-based apps and utilizing metrics

Elizabeth Shantz - Students and Young Professionals Training Program

Julia LaLande and Linda Nicolson - Building Capacity for Knowledge Mobilization

Paula Menzies - Udder Health for Dairy Sheep

Steven Roche - Engaging Ontario Dairy Producers in On-Farm Change

Gord Surgeoner - Videos as a means to enhance sales

Ricardo Ramirez - Utilization focused evaluation and KTT: Sharing lessons from internation practice

Susan Raymond - Who is Equine Guelph

Anne Bergen - Relationships Matter More

Dan Gillis - Fostering Innovation

For more information

Bronwynne Wilton, U of Guelph
Donna Shaw, OMAF MRA


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