What is Knowledge Translation and Transfer?

Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) is an information exchange process that is aimed at getting 'science off the shelf' and into the hands of people who need it. The OMAFRA-U of G Partnership defines KTT as the transformation of knowledge into use through synthesis, exchange, dissemination, dialogue, collaboration and brokering among researchers and research users.

Although KTT may be a relatively new term, the concept of taking scientific information and new technologies to the agri-food community has a long history of success in Ontario. Agricultural 'extension' has played a key role in facilitating the successful and innovative agri-food industry we see today. Recently, other fields of research have developed an increased interest in making sure that scientific discoveries are transferred to the right people as quickly as possible so the field of KTT has been expanding rapidly. Other terms that are used regularly are simply knowledge translation (KT) and knowledge mobilization (KMb).

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