Bridging the gap between science and policy in the agri-food public health sector

Creating a Comprehensive Handbook

This project aimed to bridge the gap between science, policy and practice in the agri-food public health sector. The first objective was to develop a comprehensive handbook called: "Knowledge Synthesis, Transfer and Exchange (KTE) in Agri-Food Public Health: A Handbook for Science-to-Policy Professionals". The Handbook will serve as a critical resource and will help to assist science-to-policy professionals in this sector about how to ensure that relevant and credible research is generated and utilized to inform decision-making in times of increasingly scarce resources and when the value and utility of knowledge is increasingly recognized. The Handbook contains an introduction and overview of key KTE principles and methods and their applicability to the agri-food public health context. The development of the Handbook was informed by a review of the KTE literature and focus groups and interviews that were conducted with agri-food public health stakeholders in Ontario. 

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Enhancing KTE Activities

The second objective of this project was to hold a two-day workshop and training session with science-to-policy professionals to raise their awareness of key principles, methods, challenges and opportunities for enhancing KTE activities in the agri-food public health sector. The workshop was held on March 6-7, 2013, in Guelph, Ontario, and it attracted 75 and 42 participants for Days 1 and 2, respectively.

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More Information About the Project

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