Conducting Research

Below are some resources that can help your research strategy.

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Understanding Research Evidence

 A video series from NCCMT to help you understand some important terms you are likely to encounter when looking at research evidence:


  • How to calculate an Odds Ratio
  • Understanding a Confidence Interval
  • Forest Plots: understanding a meta-analysis in 5 minutes or less
  • The importance of clinical significance
Link to videos 

Developing an Efficient Search Strategy using PICO

A resource from to help you refine your search terms for quantitative research questions.

PICO Guide

Research Quality Assessment Tool

A resource from to help you identify the quality of research methods.

Quality Assessment Tool

Social Mapping Software- yEd

Free software to help you map a social network and understand the relationships within the network.

Social Mapping Software 

OMAFRA Research Programs


  • Alternative Renewable Fuels Plus Research and Development Fund
  • Food Safety Research Program
  • Growing Forward
  • New Directions Research Program
 OMAFRA Research Programs website

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