Knowledge Translation and Transfer Resources

Below are some resources so you can learn more about what KTT is and how to implement it in your own research.

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Knowledge Mobilization Toolkit - Doing more with what you know The Knowledge Mobilization toolkit: Doing more with what you know from the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health seeks to help mobilize valuable knowledge and information in your community. It's designed to inform and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to mobilize knowledge, and ultimately improve outcomes for children, youth and families. You'll also find inspiring stories from the field.Knowledge Mobilization Toolkit - Doing more with what you know

 KTT Plan
Developed by OMAFRA's Research and Innovation Branch, the KTT Plan document takes you through the process of creating a fulsome KTT plan for research proposals.
Building a KTT Plan
Plan Checklist
Plan Template
Community Engaged Scholarship and Knowledge Mobilization ResourcesThe resource lists of repositories hold research, resource, methods, and tools related to community-engaged scholarship, community-based research, knowledge mobilization, and knowledge transfer and translation. Link to website 
Emerging Professions: Knowledge Broker ArticleAs a scientist, do you routinely notice opportunities for research to be translated into tangible benefits for society? Do you believe that science often fails to benefit from what society has to offer?Link to article 
OMAFRA eLearning Media Selection Tool

This eLearning Media Selection Tool is intended to provide advice on the most appropriate eLearning format for content/information. This selection tool will provide recommendations for the primary eLearning format for the content/information.

eLearning Tool 
University of Guelph's Institute for Community Engaged ScholarshipThe Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship (ICES) fosters collaborative and mutually beneficial community-university research partnerships. ICES website
Identifying the Optimal Multi-User Document Sharing Platform

This report considers whether or not Dropbox (the current platform being used) is the best option and provides document management suggestions.  


Identifying the Optimal Multi-User Sharing Platform

Knowledge Translation and Transfer: Nothing New or a New Science?

A presentation by Drs Ian Young and Andrijana Rajic.

KTT: Nothing New or a New Science?

Knowledge Sharing Toolkit Wiki

A wiki toolkit developed by the ICT-KM Program of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Knowledge Sharing Toolkit

Innovations in Knowledge Translation: the SPHERU KT Casebook

A KT Casebook developed by Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit.

Innovations in Knowledge Translation

The Knowledge Translation Toolkit: Bridging the Know-Do Gap- a Resource for Researchers

Knowledge Translation Toolkit provides a thorough overview of what knowledge translation (KT) is and how to use it most effectively to bridge the 'know-do' gap between research, policy, practice, and people by the International Development Research Centre .

The Knowledge Translation Toolkit

Research Communication Training Module

A training module by Charles Okigbo based on the Knowledge Translation Toolkit: Bridging the Know-Do Gap.

Research Communication Training Module

KTT Model

CIHR Model of KTT

KTT Model

Making Science Stick: Developing the KT Plan

Online workshop/webcast presented by Melanie Barwick.

Knowledge Translation and Transfer Tools

KTT Ideas by Peter Levesque, Knowledge Mobilization Works

KTT Ideas

Knowledge Mobilization Works Knowledge Exchange PodcastsPodcasts on various topics "for those who learn by listening" Podcasts
Growing Innovation Ecosystems: University-Industry Knowledge Transfer and Regional Economic Development in Canada 

Knowledge Synthesis Paper on Leveraging Investments in HERD

 Link to paper
The Catalyst Centre at the University of Guelph's IP AcademyTargeted presentations, discussions, events, workshops and resource recommendations will help enable you to maximize your IP opportunities.  IP Academy website

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