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Nourishing Ontario constructed a community food toolkit, to help local food initiatives develop sustainable regional food systems. As part of an Agri-Food and Rural Link, the knowledge translation and transfer program of the OMAFRA- U of G Partnership-funded project, we converted this Sustainable Communities of Food toolkit into a web-based platform, using feedback from our community and research partners on both the physical and web-based versions.

This website is intended to allow communities across the province to access the Ontario Community Food Project Toolkit, which was initially produced in printed and .pdf form.  This initial draft of the toolkit was launched May 24 2012 at a workshop that included 80 participants in Waterloo and over 30 through an online webinar. In addition to being a go-to place for community food information, the website will facilitate the interaction of members of online regional food communities.

When the toolkit was launched, one of the top suggestions for improving the toolkit was to develop a typology of different hub projects (e.g. community-scale processor focused; producer focused) and to provide web links to as many examples of each type of project as possible. This will expand the information available to each community as they move to build their community food projects.

Report: Models and Best Practices for Building Sustainable Food Systems in Ontario and Beyond

The research presented in this document emerged as part of the momentum described above. It was designed to build on the findings of earlier reports, and help support practical initiatives seeking to create more sustainable local food systems. While the report presents a number of models and best practices based on research across the province, these examples represent a far from exhaustive list of the impressive array of local food activities happening in Ontario.  Please click here to download the full report.  You can also download the report by chapter on the Nourishing Ontario website by clicking here.   

Food Hub Literature Reviews

Two reviews of the literature on local food systems were developed to help understand the trends and lessons learned from local/regional food initiatives around the world.  Local Food Systems in North America investigates the current discussion on North American localized food systems and identifies the terms of engagement of participants seeking to access the perceived benefits of this form of food marketing.  Local Food Systems- International Perspectives provides a brief overview of the research and initiatives in other parts of the world, which may be useful for identifying patterns of successful models for local food hubs.  Both these reviews were prepared for OMAFRA. 

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