The OMAFRA-U of G Partnership plays an important role in the broader community of not only the City of Guelph but also with a wide variety of agri-food and rural stakeholders across the province. We want to engage in partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders across academia, government, the community and industry to ensure that our research is meeting current needs across the agri-food and rural sectors. If you have any media-related questions please contact Liz Snyder. You can also view our contact us page to find contacts across the Partnership.

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What's Happening

Getting science off the shelf is a challenging yet rewarding process and the OMAFRA-U of G KTT program wants to share our stories in What's Happening.

Research Snapshots

Research Snapshots are clear language summaries of research studies funded by the Partnership. Research Snapshots help to identify the important aspects of the research and who you can contact for more information.

Research Link

The re_SEARCH is a search tool to help you learn more about OMAFRA-U of G Partnership research. You will find many different formats including videos, clear language research snapshots, and detailed information about specific research projects and their results.

Research Videos

Agri-Food and Rural Link supports the production videos based on important Partnership research.

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