Science-to-Policy Handbook for Professionals Reviews

“The handbook is a superb resource for those interested in supporting the use of research evidence in agri-food public health. It puts in one place all of the key evidence and insights needed to work in this domain, and it contextualizes the material for the sector using appropriate examples. I congratulate the authors for this significant contribution to their field.”

John N. Lavis, MD, PhD, Director of the McMaster Health Forum, Associate Director of the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis, and Professor, McMaster University


“The worldwide application of methods from Raji? and Young’s handbook could leverage billions of additional dollars in value from current and future knowledge. Such application would also better prioritize the allocation of resources to programs and research. During my 32 years of professional experience I have observed many people (including myself), being misdirected or ‘reinventing-wheels’, due to a lack of tools that ensure decisions are based on all applicable knowledge. This handbook provides those tools. This handbook should be mandatory reading for all agri-food and public health decision-makers, policy-analysts, researchers and students. Furthermore, evidence of application of the techniques should be a prerequisite for the development and funding of all policies, programs and research projects.”

W. Bruce McNab, DVM, PhD, Lead Veterinarian - Planning & Preparedness, Animal Health and Welfare Branch, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food


“Although publications are available from other disciplines, this is the first book I found written specifically for the agri-food and public health interface. This allows for much more focus and provides a significant advantage over more general texts! I found many points that are relevant for the projects I am currently involved in and will recommend this book to future partners. A must have and read for professionals in this area!”

Katharina D.C. Stärk, Dr. med. vet., PhD, Dipl ECVPH, Professor, Royal Veterinary College and Safe Food Solutions Inc.


“It was with great pleasure that I read the handbook developed by Dr. Raji? and Dr. Young about knowledge synthesis, transfer and exchange in agri-food public health. Its utility to public health professionals working in this sector is invaluable. This handbook offers a clear methodological description of knowledge transfer interventions and processes. Managers and directors working in food safety and zoonoses in the Americas will find in this handbook an excellent resource to inform policy- and decision-making.”  

Enrique Pérez Gutiérrez, DVM, MMV, MVPM, PhD, Senior Advisor Foodborne Diseases and Zoonosis, Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis (CHA), Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization-PAHO/WHO