Apply for funding from the OMAFRA-UofG Research Program


Research Funding Tiers

There are four funding tiers under the Partnership.  Click here for more information about each of the Tiers.

Online Application System

The OMAFRA - UofG Research Program utilizes a web-based software, termed Research Management System (RMS), for processing research applications and reporting on projects. 

You must register in the RMS before you can prepare an application. If you have previously submitted a LOI or full proposal to a OMAFRA-UofG Partnership program or OMAFRA program through the RMS, you do not need to register again. 

OR-5 Forms Required

Please note to all Researchers applying to the OMAFRA-UofG Research Program that 
all applications must have a complete OR-5 attached within RMS at the time of application.
OR-5 templates and information can be found on the Office of Research site

Required signatures for LOI submission are:
  • Lead Applicant
  • Department Chair 
  • College Dean (or designate)
OR-5 forms do not require the University Signing Authority when applying, as these will be signed by Wayne Caldwell, AVPR (Strategic Partnerships) in the 1 Stone Road Office of Research, during the submission review process. Therefore, please do not send your OR-5 form to the UC Office of Research.

Please confirm with your department and college regarding internal deadlines for required signatures on OR-5 forms.

All signed OR-5 forms must be appended to the application in RMS and submitted by the application deadline.

Any questions or concerns on OR-5 forms, please contact the Research Program Coordinator at: or (519) 826-4198

Application for Tier II, III, IV

The template below can be used to apply for Tier II, III and IV funding or you can use an existing proposal for non-OMAFRA - U of G funding (for example a tri-council funding application) as long as the following is included: a KTT plan, all partner funding sources, the value of all partner funding and all estimated research station use.