Contact Information OMAFRA - UofG Research Program

Contact the following people if you have questions about the OMAFRA - UofG Research Program:

Research Program Staff

For any questions related to the OMAFRA - UofG Partnership Research program, please contact OMAFRA - U of G Research Support or email

Please view the Office of Research Staff List - Strategic Partnerships, OMAFRA - UofG Partnership staff page for a complete staff directory.    

Theme Directors

Research Program Directors are faculty who administer the theme-based research programs under the OMAFRA - UofG Agreement. Priorities developed under OMAFRA Research Advisory Network (ORAN) are communicated in yearly calls for proposals issued under the Agreement.

OMAFRA Director Champions are Ministry Directors whose program areas benefit from research. Director Champions provide overall direction in the research theme areas.

 Research ThemesU of G Research Program Director OMAFRA Director Champion 
Agri-Food and Rural PolicyGlenn Fox Scott Duff
Bioeconomy - Industrial UsesIstvan Rajcan
Anna Ilnyckyj
Emergency ManagementShayan Sharif
Leslie Woodcock
Environmental SustainabilityBill Van HeystColleen Fitzgerald-Hubble
Food for HealthAlison DuncanGeorge Borovilos
Products and Value ChainsErna van Duren
George Borovilos
Production Systems (Animals)Stephen LeBlancAileen MacNeil
Production Systems (Plants)Mary Ruth McDonaldAileen MacNeil

OMAFRA Research and Innovation Branch

Research and Innovation Branch Research and Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT)

Research ThemesKTT AnalystResearch Analyst
Agri-Food and Rural PolicyTieghan Hunt
Sara Fisher
Bioeconomy - Industrial UsesKelly Jackson
Rajib Hazarika
Emergency ManagementTieghan Hunt  
Sara Fisher
Environmental SustainabilityDarryl FinniganRajib Hazarika
Food for HealthKelly Jackson 
Barb Dillingham
Products and Value ChainsKelly Jackson Barb Dillingham
Production Systems (Animals)Santiago PalacioAnna Formusiak
Production Systems (Plants)Darryl FinniganAnna Formusiak

 University of Guelph - Office of Research, Strategic Partnerships

 Name Position
Ken HoughDirector, Research Facilities Management and OMAFRA - UofG Agreement
Melissa Watkins
Manager, OMAFRA - UofG Agreement
Tania EtienneOMAFRA - UofG Research Programs Co-ordinator (Interim)
Rebecca Moore

Manager, OMAFRA - UofG Partnership Communications and Knowledge Mobilization Program 

Shannon Brown KTT and Communications Officer