Eligibility and Research Team Composition


University of Guelph faculty and college professors are eligible to be the Lead Applicant/Principal Investigator or Co-applicant for OMAFRA - UofG Research Program projects.  University of Guelph faculty includes assistant professors, associate professors and professors.

Adjunct faculty are also eligible if they meet specific criteria. Click here for more information about Adjunct faculty eligibility.

Research Team Composition

The Project Leader must be a University of Guelph faculty member or college professor (UofG regional campus).

There is no limitation placed on the balance of the team composition. The team may include:

  • Other UofG researchers
  • Researchers from any other University or research institution in Canada or globally
  • Representatives of industry partners
  • Representatives of government departments,  (e.g. OMAFRA staff), etc.

The project team composition should ensure that the appropriate research expertise is brought to bear on the research objective(s) to be addressed.

Teams comprised of several researchers, spanning multiple disciplines to address the research issue in a holistic manner are encouraged.  However, large teams (7 or more researchers) are discouraged due to the added complexity of team and project management.  If you feel that 7 or more researchers are required for your project, please contact the Research Program Directors or Office of Research Strategic Partnerships to discuss options.

Collaborative Research Agreements

OMAFRA - UofG project operating funding awarded to an approved project can be transferred to another institution for use by a team member.  A Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA) will be negotiated between the UofG and the other institution(s) to facilitate such a transfer of funds.  Any overhead levied by the receiving institution on such fund transfers of OMAFRA - UofG project support must be included in the amount identified and budgeted for transfer, as there is no other mechanism by which such overhead fees can be paid. 

Other OMAFRA Funding

If you are not eligible to apply for OMAFRA - UofG funding you may be eligible for other OMAFRA funding.
See our Other OMAFRA Funding page to learn about those opportunities.