Required Reports for OMAFRA - UofG Partnership Funded Research Projects

Report Due Dates

Annual Report Due Date:   Anniversary of the Approved Project Start Date

Final Report Due Date:   60 Days after the Approved Project End Date

Reporting Instructions for Tier I Projects

The OMAFRA - UofG Research Program uses web-based software, termed Research Management System (RMS), for processing research applications and reporting on projects.

Registered RMS Users

If you have a project funded through the OMAFRA - UofG Research Program please visit our Research Management System to complete and submit your report.

Reporting Instructions for Tier II, III and IV Projects

Report Due Dates:

Annual Report Due Date: June 30, 2017

Final Report Due Date: 60 Days after the Project End Date

Reporting for Tier II & III Projects

Please fill out the annual progress or final report template and email your complete report to OMAFRA-U of G Research Support.