The Catalyst Centre

The Catalyst Centre works with faculty, staff and students, and the business community to maximize the economic, environmental and social benefits of the University of Guelph's world-class inventions.

U of G is a global leader in research related to food, water, human and animal health, the environment and communities. Our innovative, highly productive and entrepreneurial community is dedicated to finding solutions that change lives and improve life.

The Catalyst Centre helps fulfill that mission by connecting Guelph ingenuity to the marketplace.


The Catalyst Centre is the University of Guelph's technology transfer and industrial liaison office. The Catalyst Centre oversees all aspects of the University's intellectual property (IP) management and technology commercialization activities.

We help faculty, staff and students protect their IP, and evaluate and maximize its commercial potential. Through the Industrial Liaison Program, we help businesses access the University's intellectual capital and state-of-the-art labs and research facilities to create strategic partnerships that drive innovation.

In delivering these services, the Catalyst Centre contributes to the financial vitality and the environmental and social impact of the University of Guelph, and the community at large.


The Catalyst Centre welcomes your inquiries: let us know how we can help you.