Get Involved in Research

One of the key objectives of the OMAFRA-U of G Partnership research program is to provide valuable and practical insights into issues facing the agri-food and rural sectors in the province of Ontario. One of the best ways to ensure that the research is meaningful to stakeholders is to involve the end users of the research into the project as early as possible.

This is one of the best practices of knowledge translation and transfer. In fact, projects which demonstrate a high level of collaboration with external stakeholders are often more successful in the funding competition than projects with limited evidence of support from industry or community partners.

Have an Idea?

We want to support research that is relevant to the needs of the Ontario Agri-Food and Rural sectors. To do this, we need you to get involved in our research programs. 

Do you have a problem that needs solving? An issue that needs to be studied? 

If so, please let us know by sharing your ideas, questions, and opportunities for collaboration.