Alma Aquaculture Research Station

The Alma Aquaculture Research Station (AARS) is an upscale, pre-production research and development facility which undertakes studies relevant to fish producers. It was established in 1987 by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the University of Guelph, to assist the commercial fish farming industry in Ontario. The station offers quarantine facilities for the controlled importation of exotic species or strains of fish, and provides facilities for pilot testing and scale-up research as well as a venue for education, training, industry demonstrations and technical transfer to the private sector.

The station consists of 10 buildings and facilities and 365 fish-rearing units that allow for production and research of a full range of fish, from eggs to broodstock. Since 1993, more than 137 research studies involving rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, Arctic charr and Nile tilapia have been conducted at Alma. Primary areas of research conducted at the station are breeding and genetics, culture methodology, fish health, welfare and behaviour, nutrition, growth and reproductive physiology and waste management.

Alma Aquaculture Research Station


Aquaculture Coordinator: Richard Moccia  519-824-4120 ext. 52689

Manager: Michael Burke  519- 669-5411