Arkell Swine Research Station

The Arkell Swine Research Station is located just 10 minutes south of the University of Guelph. This bio-secure station maintains and operates a 300 sow farrow-to-finish hog operation. It has a closed Yorkshire breeding herd primarily used for OMAFRA-U of G research.

This 4,600 square meter facility is divided into 3 sections all under one roof.

Gestation Wing

  • 60% loose housing
  • 40% individual housing for natural and artificial insemination

Farrowing Wing 

  • 6 rooms with14 farrowing crates in each room
  • 6 nursery rooms housing 200 weanlings in each room

Grow/Finishing Wing

  • 6 grower rooms housing 100 to 120 pigs in each room
  • 4 finisher rooms housing 100 to 120 pigs in each room

Aerial Photo of Arkell Research Station


Swine Co-ordinator: Dr. Robert Friendship 519-824-4120 Ext 54022

Manager: Dave Vandenberg 226-979-2950