Livestock Research and Innovation Centre - Dairy Facility

The Livestock Research and Innovation Centre - Dairy Facility is a state-of-the-art research station located near Elora, Ontario. The 175,000 ft.2 facility opened in May 2015 and replaced the Elora/Ponsonby Dairy Research Centre.

Housing capacity:

  • Free stall accommodations for 300 mature cows (240 milking) and 300 replacement heifers
  • 24 tie stalls for research that requires more instrumentation and monitoring
  • 18 pen maternity housing + 4 x 12 flexible, individual or group calf housing

The facility features:

  • Four milking systems (rotary parlour, Voluntary Milking Systems robot, tie stalls and maternity)
  • 96 Insentec feed mangers that provide continuous feed intakes for individual animals
  • Robotic calf feeder to mix, deliver and record milk intake for young calves
  • Feed robot to automatically push feed to the cows several times a day
  • Intensive care and procedure room
  • Sample preparation and storage facilities
  • Integrated natural ventilation system
  • Training and meeting spaces
  • Closed circuit video

The Elora Dairy Facility is a joint project of the Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario, the University of Guelph and the Ontario dairy industry. Its unique design allows researchers to conduct a wide range of research projects while supporting education and training. 

Dairy cows eating


Manager: Bev Livingston 519- 822-0110

Dairy Station Foreman: Joe Parkinson 519-846-5538

Dairy Station Foreman: Jeff McFarlane 519-546-2529