photo of bassim

Bassim Abbassi, Ph.D.
Director, Guelph Centre

Phone: 519 824 4120 x 52040


Bassim Abbassi joined the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph as a full time faculty member in 2015. Over the past years, Bassim has been working on developing technologies for on-site wastewater treatment. He cooperated closely with research institutions and industrial partners in Germany to test and calibrate several technologies that are available in the market. Among these are: sequencing batch reactor (SBR), constructed wetland, membrane bioreactor, extended aeration, and septic tank. Recently, Bassim has developed a simple on-site wastewater treatment plant called “Modified Septic Tank (MST)”. The four-chamber MST is combining aerobic treatment (one chamber with integrated settling tank) with anaerobe treatment (three chambers). ¬†Bassim has participated in several workshops and international conferences, where he presented his works related to decentralized wastewater management.