Photograph of Chris Kinsley

Chris Kinsley, P. Eng.
Manager, Alfred Centre

Phone: 613 679 2218 x 609

Chris Kinsley has worked with the Wastewater Centre since its inception in 1998 and was instrumental in the development of the centre. Chris has developed and delivered over thirty training courses in the agri-food and decentralised wastewater sectors, both within Canada and overseas.
Chris is an adjunct Professor at the University of Guelpg and a full time Professor at the University of Ottawa, where he teaches courses in environmental management and leads a research program in the field of decentralised wastewater treatment with an emphasis on constructed wetlands. Chris sits on the research committee of the Ontario Soil, Air and Water Research Committee, and chairs the research committee of the Canadian Decentralised Wastewater Consortium. Chris has a PhD of Engineering from McGill University and is a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.