ORWC Ottawa Demonstration Site

The Ottawa Demonstration Site at the Baxter Conservation Area was constructed in 1999. Since then, the facility has had over 500 visitors to the site and has held over 50 workshops. Workshops are held in the conservation building on the property, with frequent visits out to the demonstration building located just a short walk away. The demonstration facility is a fabric building displaying many of the alternative technologies currently available on today's market.

Area Bed Display

baxter building

The demonstration facility in Ottawa also has mock-ups of a filter bed, a conventional leaching bed and various distribution mechanisms. The facility is equipped with a large underground clean water storage tank which is hooked up to most of our display units, allowing our instructors to demonstrate how each of the units work with water.

The ORWC thanks all the generous suppliers and distributers who have donated a display model. Without your help the centre would not be possible. The Ottawa facility currently has the following units on display:

  • Norweco Treatment Unit
  • FAST treatment unit in concrete tank
  • Whitewater Treatment Unit
  • Clearstream Treatment Unit
  • Wedco Plastic Septic Tank and Pump Chamber
  • Fralo Plastic Septic Tank
  • Wilkinson 4,500 L Concrete Septic Tank
  • Waterloo Biofilter Treatment Unit
  • Ecoflo Biofilter 650
  • Orenco Sand Filter and Recirculation Tank
  • Infiltrator Chambers
  • EZFlow trench
  • BioNest Treatment Unit in a concrete tank
  • Puraflo Peat Filter


Distribution Mechanisms Display Unit

Our Distribution Mechanisms Display Unit

Bionest Display Unit

Preparing the Bionest Treatment Unit for Display