Public and Private Sponsors

Public Sponsors
Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT)
South Nation Conservation Clean Water Program
Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE)
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada -- Agricultural Adaptation Council
Brace Center for Water Resources Management
Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton -- Rural Clean Water Program

Private Sponsors

Ecoflo Ontario
Terrafix Geosynthetics
Karson Kartage & Construction
Waterloo Biofilter System Inc.
Eric Draper Backhoe Services Inc.
Boucher Precast Concrete Ltd. no ref
Unit Precast Concrete Ltd.
F.E Meyers
Concrete Precasters Association
Armtec Ltd.
Abeck Equipment
Perkins Lumber
Carrière Forming
Green Valley Environmental Services
Jacques Whitford Environment
Johnson Engineering
Premier Tech Environment
Sand Filtration Inc.

Mannions Pump House Ltd.
Grundfos Canada Inc.
Geosynthetic Systems
Wilkinson Heavy Precast Ltd
Infiltrator System Inc.
SaniTech Communal Systems Inc.
SJE Rhombus Inc.
Ontario Wastewater Treatment
Northern Purification Systems
Zabel Environmental Technology
HG Specialties
Make-Way Plastics Ltd.
James Thoume Construction
Touchstone Engineering
Neil A. Levac Engineering
Trojan Technologies Inc.
D.G.K. Limited
Acton Precast
Stan's Plumbing & Heating Supplies Inc.
Fluid Dynamic Siphons, Inc.