Assessment of the Production and Land Application of Anaerobically Digested Manure from Medium Sized Dairy Farms – 2005-2008

Lead Researcher: Anna Crolla –,
Prepared for: Environmental Technology Assessment for Agriculture (ETAA) Program - AAFC
Partners: Dairy Farmers of Canada, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station, University of Ottawa, Fepro Farms, Terryland Farms, Pinehedge Farms, EEC Energy Corp.

This project evaluates the performance, environmental impact and economics of three medium on-farm anaerobic digester systems. Digester performance will be evaluated as a function of the size of the system, biogas/energy production, climate and feedstock utilized (dairy manure blended with high strength organic wastes). A complete life cycle evaluation assesses nutrient, carbon and pathogen fate from feedstock to field including: greenhouse gas emissions (CH4, CO2, N2O), nutrient fate (plant/soil/water/air) and pathogen attenuation from the digesters, manure storages and finally land application on three soil types (sandy-loam, clay and clay-loam soils).