Use of a Constructed Wetland to Polish Municipal Lagoon Effluent – 2000-2007

Lead Researcher: Anna Crolla –
Prepared for: Township of Alfred and Plantagenet
Partners: Stantec Consulting Ltd., Ontario Clean Water Agency, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

A constructed wetland demonstration system has been built to polish the municipal lagoon effluent from the Village of Alfred. The treatment lagoons have an annual discharge in the spring and have currently reached maximum capacity; inhibiting further population growth or expansion of the local agri-food industries. The demonstration wetland system is designed to treat 15% of the village’s municipal wastewater, which represents a wetland influent flow of 155 m3/day or 23,250 m3/year. A monitoring program was put in place to evaluate the wetland as a cost effective means to treat the municipal lagoon wastewater. The monitoring program evaluates the wetland’s ability to polish the municipal lagoon effluent to meet the Spring/Summer/Fall discharge criteria set by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) for the receiving water body (Azatica Brook). The approval of the Alfred wetland will allow the village to increase its capacity for municipal wastewater treatment.