Evaluation of the Laflèche Pilot Peat Filter/Constructed Wetland System to Treat Landfill Leachate - 2002-2007

Lead Researcher: Chris Kinsley – ckinsley@uoguelph.ca
Prepared for: Laflèche Environmental Ltd.
Partners: Golder Associates Ltd.

A pilot scale treatment system was established in 2002 at the Laflèche Landfill in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The system consists of a series of treatment steps: a stabilisation basin (10,000 m3), a woodland peat trickling filter (5200 m2), a subsurface flow constructed wetland planted in Phragmites sp. (2600 m2), a surface flow constructed wetland planted in Typha sp. (3600 m2) and a polishing pond (3600 m2). The system operates from May to December with leachate being recycled within the landfill during the winter months. Treated effluent is either discharged to a nearby drain or used to irrigate onsite poplar plantations. Hydraulic loading rates have been increased 3 fold while organic loading rates have doubled over the first 4 operating seasons. A comprehensive monitoring program for system performance is being conducted (organic matter, nutrients, salts, metals) with the data used to determine kinetic pollutant removal rates.