We are a team of scientists dedicated to the study of wildfire in boreal ecosystems.  Our studies take place in a variety of ecosystem types, but focus on forests and peatlands that accumulate thick peat layers. 

We are interested in peat fires from the perspectives of ecology, hydrology, fire science and management, carbon cycle science, and human and ecosystem health.  Our research is examining i) controls on fire occurrence and severity in northern peatlands, ii) consequences of wildfire for peatland ecology, hydrology, and carbon balance, and iii) approaches for predicting fire danger during smouldering consumption.

Sphagnum ‘islands’ in a burned peatland

The Parks Highway fire (AK) burned extensive wetlands

Prescribed burn in Jasper National Park

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Studying ground-layer fuels

Welcome to the website of the Northern Peat Fire Working Group.

PeatFire members in an Alberta bog

Lightning ignition in Minto Flats (AK)