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Department Committees

Undergraduate Teaching Committee

Structure & Responsibilities

  • Committee Chair is appointed by the Department Chair
  • the Committee Chair or designate will represent the department at the B.Sc. Agr./B.Sc. College Program Committee
  • will manage undergraduate curriculum and counseling matters associated with the department s commitment to the B.Sc. and B.Sc. (Agr.) programs
  • will review majors and specializations in these programs and modify whereverappropriate to reflect the merged disciplines
  • will review teaching assignments of faculty to the undergraduate B.Sc. Agr andB.Sc. programs and make recommendations to the Department Chair
  • will appoint 2 undergraduate students preferably one from the B.Sc. Program andone from the B.Sc.(Agr.) program
  • will report to the AEC on issues relating to the undergraduate program will be responsible for reviewing course content
  • faculty members of the Committee will conduct undergraduate student counselling
  • will have representation from the office staff
  • will promote the major/specialization/program within and outside the University
  • will ensure that undergraduate information described on the Web is accurate and up-to-date