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Winter Courses @ Plant Agriculture

Plant Agriculture faculty teach in the B.Sc. (Agr.) and B.Sc. programs and the Associate Diploma in Turfgrass Management (DTM) program. The Plant Agriculture Undergrad Teaching Committee manages majors in the B.Sc. (Agr.) program, Crops, Horticultural and Turfgrass Sciences (CHATS) and Organic Agriculture majors and the Plant Science major in the BSc program. The Plant Agriculture Diploma Teaching Committee manages the Associate Diploma in Turfgrass Management.

Instructor(s)Diploma Courses DTM*2000K. Carey
Turf Management I
DTM*2100D. Cormack / S. Adams
Turf Irrigation & Drainage
DTM*2200S. Jordan
Computers & Math for Turf
DTM*2400S. Fleischauer
Landscape Design
DTM*2500J. Simpson
DTM*2600P. Purvis
Turf Environmental Management
DTM*3800R. Witherspoon
Special Study Project I
DTM*4000K. Jordan
Turf Management III
DTM*4200S. Fleischauer / S. Adams
Golf Course Design and Construction
DTM*4300R. Witherspoon
Turf Case Studies
DTM*4400D. Baker
Human Resources Management
DTM*4500D. Kuypers
Business & Finance for Turf
DTM*4600C. Fitzgibbon
Computer Assisted Design
DTM*4800R. Witherspoon
Special Study Project II

Undergraduate Courses AGR*2050C. Swanton
AGR*3010F. Tardif
Special Studies in Agricultural Science I
AGR*4010A. Sullivan
Special Studies in Agricultural Science II
AGR*4500R. Van Acker
Agri-Food Problem Solving
BIOL*3300L. Lukens
Applied Bioinformatics
BOT*1200G. Bozzo
Plants and Human Use
BOT*4380B. Micallef / I. Tetlow
Metabolism in the Whole Life of Plants
CROP*3300(offered in ODD YEARS) G. Bauman
Grain Crops
CROP*3340(offered in EVEN YEARS) S. Bowley
Managed Grasslands
CROP*4220B. Deen
Cropping Systems
ENVB*4070K. Jordan
Biological and Cultural Control of Plant Diseases
HORT*3270(offered in EVEN YEARS) P. Saxena
Medicinal Plants
HORT*3280T. Blom
Greenhouse Production
HORT*4200E. Lyons
Turf, the Environment and Society
HORT*4300J. Cline
Postharvest Physiology
HORT*4450K. Jordan
Advanced Turfgrass Science
MBG*3100D. Wolyn
Plant Genetics
MBG*4300M. Raizada
Plant Molecular Genetics
OAGR*2070R. Martin
Intro to Organic Agriculture
PBIO*4150(offered in EVEN YEARS) K.P. Pauls
Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant Development
PBIO*4750F. Tardif
Genetic Engineering of Plants

Undergraduate Courses - DISTANCE EDUCATION BOT*2000DEB. Booth
Plants, Biology and People
CROP*1050H. EarlDE
Green Energy - Fuel from Plants
HORT*1120H. FisherDE
Grape and Wine Science
HORT*3430H. FisherDE
Wine-Grape Culture