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Amar Mohanty Professor, Premier's Research Chair
Amar Mohanty

Amar Mohanty,
Premier's Research Chair in Biomaterials & Transportation

B.Sc. Utkal University;
M.Sc. Utkal University;
Ph.D. Utkal University



Department of Plant Agriculture
School of Engineering

University of Guelph
Guelph Campus
50 Stone Rd. E.,
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1G 2W1

Email: mohanty@uoguelph.ca
Phone: 519-824-4120 x. 56664
Fax: 519-763-8933



Premier's Research Chair in Biomaterials & Transportation

Bioeconomy related to biobased materials, biofuels and biorefinery

Dr. Mohanty has a joint appointment in the School of Engineering, Thornbrough Building, University of Guelph

Research Interests:


  • Natural Fiber Composites and All Green Composites
  • Nanostructure Controlled Bioplastics and Hyperbranched Polymers
  • Nanocomposites (Polymer-clay and Polymer-Carbon Nanotubes) and Nanoblends
  • Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes and Clays
  • Renewable Resourse-based Biodegradable polymers (Polylactides, Polyhydroxyalkanoates, Cellulose esters and Starch plastics)
  • Petroleum-based Biodegradable Polymers (Aliphatic Polyesters and Aliphatic-aromatic Copolyesters)
  • Polytrimethylene Terephthalate (SoronaT) based Composites, Blends and Nanocomposites
  • Reactive extrusion, Injection Molding, Thermoforming and Co-Injection Molding
  • Soy-based Bioplastics (Soy oil-based Thermoset Resins and Soy Protein-based Thermoplastic)
  • Polyols from Plant Oils and Biobased Polyurethanes
  • Biobased Polyesters/Epoxies and their biomaterials
  • Biodegradable Polymers and Sustainable Packaging
  • Biofuels, Biorefinery and Sustainability

  • Value-added Applications of Downstream Co-products from Dry-milling Corn Ethanol Industries e.g. Distillers' Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) and Carbon Dioxide as Biocomposites, Bioadhesives and Biochemicals
  • Value-added Applications of Corn Gluten Meal (Co-product from Wet-milling Corn ethanol Industries) as Biodegradable Plastics and Biocomposites
  • Value-added Applications of Coproducts from Soy Biodiesel Industries e.g. Soy meal and Glycerol as Biodegradable Plastic, Biocomposites and Biochemicals
  • New Uses of Lignin and Residual Biomass from Cellulosic Ethanol in Value-added Applications
  • Pretreatment of Biomasses for Biofuels
  • Sustainability Issues of Biofuel Industries and Biorefinery

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Selected Publications:

V. Nagarajan, M. Misra, A.K. Mohanty. (2012) New Engineered Biocomposites from Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (PHBV)/Poly (butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) (PBAT) Blends and Switchgrass: Fabrication and Performance Evaluation. Industrial Crops and Products. (In press, June 2012)

M. Zaverl, M. O. Seydibeyo?lu, M. Misra, Amar Mohanty. (2012) Studies on Recyclability of Polyhydroxybutyrate-co-valerate Bioplastic: Multiple Melt Processing and Performance Evaluations. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. DOI: 10.1002/app.36840

W. Diebel, M. M. Reddy, M. Misra, A.K. Mohanty. (2012) Material property characterization of co-products from biofuel industries: Potential uses in value-added biocomposites. Biomass and Bioenergy. DOI: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2011.12.028

X. G. Luo, A.K. Mohanty, M. Misra. (2012) Water-Blown Rigid Biofoams from Soy-based Biopolyurethane and Microcrystalline. Cellulose Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society. DOI: 10.1007/s11746-012-2100-4

S. Jacob, M. Misra and A.K. Mohanty. (2012) Novel biocomposites from poly(trimethylene terephthalate) and recycled carbon fibres. Journal of Materials Science. DOI: 10.1007/s10853-012-6514-z

M. Reddy, M. Misra, A.K. Mohanty. (2012). Bioproducts and Sustainability: How Viable are Bioplastics and Biobased Materials in the New Bio-Economy? Chemical Engineering Progress. May 2012, pp.37-42.

H. Deka, M. Misra, A.K. Mohanty. (2012) Renewable resource based "all green composite" from kenaf biofiber and poly(furfuryl alcohol) bioresin. Industrial Crops and Products. DOI: 10.1016/j.indcrop.2012.03.037

S. Ahankari, M. Misra, A.K. Mohanty. (2011) Mechanical behaviour of agro-residue reinforced poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate), (PHBV) green composites: A comparison with traditional polypropylene composites. Composites Science and Technology. DOI: 10.1016/j.compscitech.2011.01.007

N. Zarrinbakhsh, M. Misra, A.K. Mohanty. (2011) Biodegradable Green Composites from Distiller’s Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) and a Polyhydroxy(butyrate-co-valerate) (PHBV)-Based Bioplastic. Macromol. Mater. Eng. DOI: 10.1002/mame.201100039

C. Nyambo, A.K. Mohanty, M. Misra. (2010) Polylactide-Based Renewable Green Composites from Agricultural Residues and Their Hybrids”. Biomacromolecules. DOI: 10.1021/bm1003114