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Jamie Larsen

Jamie Larsen

PhD. Guelph

In order to become a plant breeder you must have a broad base of scientific knowledge. The department of Plant Agriculture has strong research and courses in many fields and crops which strongly rounds out my education. My research has a real applied aspect that I can see benefiting agriculture in the near future, as well as, a benefit to the scientific community. The opportunities to learn in the department do not end in the classroom or laboratory. The interactions with faculty and students for me, has been an equal portion of my overall education.

Mary Jane Clark

Mary Jane Clark

MSc. Guelph (2009)

I've taken care of flower gardens as long as I can remember, over time developing a passion for unique plants. The idea of plant breeding, in ornamentals, caught my attention as an undergraduate at Guelph so I decided to pursue a Master's on the area. With NSERC support, I was able to study the topic "Breeding Drought Tolerant Native North American Flowers for Ornamental Use", and what an experience it has been! My time in Plant Agriculture was unforgettable, and the constant support of fellow grad students was amazing. A big lesson learned - always take time to stop & smell the roses.


The Department of Plant Agriculture welcomes applications and enquiries from prospective graduate students. The research interests of the Department are extremely broad across the plant sciences so please bring us your questions. The Department conducts programs in three areas outlined in Areas of Study in the crop, horticulture and turfgrass sciences. Faculty have modern labs with state-of-the-art equipment and access to numerous growth facilities and field research sites with varying environmental conditions. Faculty are located on four campuses affording a variety of opportunities and experiences for our students. Our Faculty are internationally recognized as leaders in their scholarly activities. Support for research is obtained from a variety of sources including Federal, Provincial, International, industrial and grower sponsors.

Most students have full Graduate Research Assistantships with opportunity for additional funding through Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Scholarships.

If you are new to Plant Agriculture please see our Welcome from the Chair.