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News Archive - Winter 2009

CFI Invests in U of G Research

April 07, 2009 - News Release

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) was at the University of Guelph today, announcing that it's investing more than $26 million in revolutionary research at 29 Canadian universities. U of G received more than $1.1 million for six projects ranging from biomaterials to childhood injury prevention.

"This award opens up new doors in discovering and engineering innovative biomaterials that will help in greening the manufacturing sectors in Ontario and Canada," said plant agriculture professor Amar Mohanty, who, along with engineering professor Manjusri Misra, received $463,796.

The funding will be used for novel equipment at U of G's Bioproducts and Development Centre, which is headed by Mohanty, holder of the Premier's Research Chair in Biomaterials and Transportation. Researchers at the centre are turning agricultural crops into everything from car parts and furniture to fuel. The goal is to substitute non-renewable materials in many manufacturing sectors, consumer goods and services.

Misra said the new equipment will establish U of G as a global leader in green materials research and development. It will also create a new research direction in nano-biocomposites and nano-enhanced biomaterials.

"Integration of nanotechnology with biomaterials is the smartest pathway to discover green products of improved and competent performance," she said. Among other things, the new equipment will allow researchers to fabricate a broad range of fibres, including crop-based green nanostructured fibres.

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