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Potato Research
Potato Research
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Potato Research Program

Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph

Potato breeding and variety development has been conducted since the 1950's at the University of Guelph Department of Horticultural Science in co-operation with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and OMAFRA. Many new potato varieties have been developed here, most notably Yukon Gold.  In addition, Rideau, Saginaw Gold, Conestoga, Red Gold, Rose Gold, Eramosa, Ruby Gold, Temagami and Royal Gold were released. Gary Johnston, Robert Coffin, and S. T. Ali-Khan contributed to these successes along with their co-operators in the OMAFRA and AAFC systems. In 1998 a new partnership was formed between The University of Guelph (through the OMAFRA contract), the Ontario Potato Board (OPB), and AAFC-Fredericton. The focus was shifted from breeding new germplasm to identification and evaluation of potential new varieties from other breeding programs. The project has been successful, and was renewed in 2001 and again in 2004. The Canadian Snack Food Association also supports chipping potato trials. The University of Guelph recently completed renovations to the potato chip and quality testing lab in the E. C. Bovey Building.

  • Research

    Find out about potato research happening at the University of Guelph.
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  • Spotlight: NMO
    New Market Opportunities

    4th year students developed exciting projects demonstrating new marketing opportunities to Ontario potato producers.
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  • History

    Did you know the Potato Research Program at the UofG has a proud history. In 1981, Mr. Gary Johnston bred the Yukon Gold potato variety.
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