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The University of Guelph is an internationally top-ranked university with both Biological Science and Agriculture colleges. The Plant Science program crosses college boundaries to bring the full range of plant science programming to students. Students in Plant Sciences, who graduate with a B.Sc. degree, have the freedom to merge studies in botany, ecology and agriculture in a way that best suits their interests. The breadth -- and the opportunities -- are unique in undergraduate Plant Sciences programs.

Guelph’s offers access to some of the world’s most respected scientists, teachers, and researchers as well as outstanding research and teaching facilities.

The Plant Science Major will help you investigate the many wonders of plants and prepare you to become a leader in the field of plant science. You will explore the intricacies of plant diversity, growth and development, plant-environment interactions, advances in molecular biology, and the wide variety of economic uses for plants. You will study these areas alongside one of the largest concentrations of plant scientists in Canada. This major will give you hands-on experience in plant ecology, systematics, physiology, botany, genetics, agriculture, ethnobotany and biotechnology, using the international expertise and advanced technologies found across the University.

Core courses in this major will provide you with a fundamental background in plant science. You can supplement these to pursue your personal interests with courses in an area of emphasis:

  • Applied Plant Science
  • Botany
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Plant Environmental Science
  • Unspecialized

Whether you are interested in preparation for graduate studies (M.Sc. or Ph.D), working in the public or private sector, or pursuing a career in the field, the laboratory, or an administrative role, the Plant Science Major allows you to achieve your needs and goals.

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