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A Vibrant Community of Scholars and Learners

Thank you for visiting the University of Guelph. You will find our university to be a really vibrant institution where learning happens inside and outside the classroom.

Situated in southwestern Ontario, our beautiful campus supports a community of scholars and learners who are committed to the advancement of both knowledge and human values. This is a place that brings together the young and the old; a place of religious breadth, of racial and ethnic diversity and of academic endeavors that embrace the whole of the human experience. We are ranked as Canada's top comprehensive university in part because of our friendly and supportive campus.

The Guelph community has a unique atmosphere that goes back to its traditional roots in practical, innovative and integrated learning. This is the legacy of our three founding colleges: the Ontario Agricultural College (est. 1874), the Ontario Veterinary College (est. 1862) and the Macdonald Institute (est. 1903). Today's University of Guelph has a distinctive educational philosophy that is both learner-centred and research-intensive, and emphasizes a collaborative approach to learning.

More than 16,500 undergraduate and 2,200 graduate students in seven colleges (on the main campus) benefit from a comprehensive and innovative curriculum that spans the arts, humanities, physical and natural sciences, and social sciences. These core disciplines are enhanced by Guelph's commitment to interdisciplinary programs, to a selected range of professional and applied programs and to its areas of special responsibility in agri food and veterinary medicine.

In addition to a 330-hectare campus in Guelph, the University has three regional campuses that offer diplomas and degree programs in agriculture and applied training, outreach and research to the agricultural community. The University has also partnered with Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto to offer specialized programs that provide both a University of Guelph honours degree and a college diploma in four years of study. Currently, the University of Guelph-Humber offers eight undergraduate diploma-degree programs in purpose-built facilities in the Greater Toronto Area at Humber's north campus with more than 2,500 enrolled students.

Across all University of Guelph programs, our students are among the best in the country. Among comprehensive universities, Guelph has the highest proportion of entering students with averages of 75 per cent or more and the highest graduation rate. Guelph graduates are well prepared with the knowledge, skills and intellectual curiosity that are vital to personal and professional success.

Guelph's reputation for excellence reflects our award winning faculty's dedication to teaching and is complemented by their research and scholarly success. Guelph is the second most research intensive university in Canada (based on the ratio of research funds to operating funds), the first among non medical schools, with over $140 million annually in external research funding.

Over the past several years, the University of Guelph has been planning for the growth in university education in Ontario. We are actively recruiting talented new faculty and have completed or initiated more than $250 million in capital construction to help us accommodate 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students. These new facilities include a townhouse style student residence, a state of the art classroom and teaching complex and a new science centre.

To maintain our high quality, we are looking even farther into the future, planning now for major renovations and development of the veterinary college and new space for our arts and social science programs.

We invite you to explore the University of Guelph through this website and experience our inspiring and innovative community.

Alastair Summerlee
President & Vice-Chancellor

University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1