Applied Social Psychology

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Applied Social Psychology is based on the investigation of social processes and problems of significance to the general community and to specific groups. Areas of investigation may include, but are not limited to, health, law, equity, community services, the environment, ethnicity, and gender. Our faculty members and graduate students employ diverse research strategies to answer questions related to social issues.


Graduate study in Applied Social Psychology is designed to prepare students for academic and applied research careers in a wide range of settings. Our graduate program has two primary components: (1) the pursuit of advanced research, and (2) the design and evaluation of programs that aim to reduce social problems and promote human welfare. Our program is designed to be comprehensive while also providing the flexibility for students to pursue research and select courses suited to their career goals.

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Kieran O'Doherty: Discourse, Science, and Publics

Ian Newby-Clark: Self Other Perception Lab

Saba Safdar: Centre for Cross-Cultural Research

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