Peter Kim

Professor, Statistics.

Research Areas: Statistics, Statistical Geometry, Lie Groups


David Kribs

Professor, Mathematics.

Research Areas: Quantum Error Correction, Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Information Theory


Rajesh Pereira

Assistant Professor, Mathematics.

Research Areas: Matrix Analysis, Classical Analysis, Analytic Theory of Polynomials


Bei Zeng

Assistant Professor, Mathematics.


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Emeritus Professors

Pal Fischer

Emeritus Professor, Mathematics.

Research Areas: Mathematical Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Higher Dimensinoal Stochastic Matrices, Problems from Theory of Error Correcting Codes


John Holbrook

Emeritus Professor, Mathematics.

Research Areas: Matrix Analysis, Fractal Sampling, Tomography


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Monica Cojocaru

Associate Professor, Mathematics.

Research Areas: Projected Dynamical Systems, Double Layer Dynamics and Their Applications


Zeny Feng

Associate Professor, Statistics.

Research Areas: Statistical Genetics, Bioinformatics, Multiple Hypothesis Tests, Survival Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Health Science


Anna Lawniczak

Professor, Mathematics.

Research Areas: Dynamics of Complex Natural, Engineering & Social Systems, Spatially Extended Discrete Dynamical Systems, Statistical Physics


Jean-Pierre Schoch

Research Affiliate, Mathematics.


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Postdoctoral Fellows

Jianxin Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathematics. Advisor(s): David Kribs, Bei Zeng

chenkenshin [at] gmail [dot] com

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Graduate Students

George Hutchinson

PhD Student, Mathematics. Advisor(s): R. Pereira

Tyler Jackson

PhD Student, Mathematics. Advisor(s): B. Zeng


Jeremy Levick

PhD Student, Mathematics. Advisor(s): R. Pereira

jlevick [at] uoguelph [dot] ca

Preeti Mohindru

PhD Student, Mathematics. Advisor(s): Rajesh Pereira


Tatiana Petukhova

MSc Graduate, Statistics. Advisor(s): P. Kim

tpetukho [at] uoguelph [dot] ca

Stephen Rush

PhD Student, Mathematics. Advisor(s): P. Kim, R. Pereira


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Former Members

Cedric Beny

PhD Graduate, Applied Mathematics. Advisor(s): Achim Kempf, David Kribs

Amber Church

PhD Graduate, Mathematics. Advisor(s): R. Pereira

Michael Giesinger

MSc Graduate, Mathematics. Advisor(s): John Holbrook, David Kribs

Shaughnessy Hawkins

MSc Graduate, Mathematics. Advisor(s): Monica Cojocaru, David Kribs

Nathaniel Johnston

PhD Graduate, Mathematics. Advisor(s): David Kribs


Maia Lesosky

PhD Graduate, Applied Statistics. Advisor(s): Peter Kim, David Kribs

Zhiming Luo

PhD Graduate, Statistics. Advisor(s): Peter Kim

Sharon McNicholas

Former Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics. Advisor(s): D. Kribs

Nishan Mudalige

MSc Graduate, Mathematics. Advisor(s): J. Holbrook, R. Pereira


Corey O'Meara

MSc Graduate, Mathematics. Advisor(s): R. Pereira, D. Kribs

Aron Pasieka

PhD Graduate, Physics. Advisor(s): David Kribs, Kevin Resch

Research Areas: Quantum Information, Quantum Error Correction, Quantum State Estimation


Sarah Plosker

PhD Graduate, Mathematics. Advisor(s): David Kribs

Ching-Wei Teng

MSc Graduate, Mathematics. Advisor(s): David Kribs, Monica Cojocaru

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