Corn Dust Research Consortium call for proposals

The non-profit Polinator Partnership (P2) announced the formation of the Corn Dust Research Consortium (CDRC), a multi-stakeholder initiative they are coordinating to invest research dollars in reducing honey bee exposure to dust emitted during planting of treated corn seeds. Pollinator Partnership is coordinating the Corn Dust Research Consortium and has invited stakeholders from crop protection, seed production, farm equipment, corn growing, beekeeping, acedemic, governmental and conservation organizations to fund and oversee two proposed research projects to better understand ideas for mitigating risks to honey bees from exposure to planter-emitted dust during corn planting.

For further information on this request for proposals , please see Pollinator Partnership website here, or Download the Press Release or Download the RFP.

Internal Deadline: Friday Feb. 22, 2013

Principal applicant to submit to Office of Research, Annette Clarke, Grants Officer by email to: or hard copy

External Deadline: Friday Mar. 1, 2013

Principal applicant (PI) to email the proposal packet as a single PDF fie to: Jennifer Tsang ( by 3 PM PDT

Please identify the email subject line and the PDF attachment using "Project (1 and/or 2), PI Last Name, First Name

Proposals will be evaluated by members of the Corn Dust Research Consortium Advisory panel, and funding decisions will be made by Friday March 15, 2013.

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