Launch of NSERC Collaborative and Thematic Resources Support in Mathematics and Statistics

NSERC has recently launched the Collaborative and Thematic Resources Support in Mathematics and Statistics (CTRMS) Program. The objective of the CRRMS Program is to enable the development of research activities and foster training and collaboration, within and among national or international (based in Canada) thematic research resources in mathematical and statistical sciences.

Collaborative and thematic resources are defined as research resources that promote and trigger national and international interactions within the mathematical and statistical sciences and provide a place where researchers meet, collaborate and exchange ideas. These resources provide an environment that serves to accelerate research in the mathematical and statistical sciences, as well as to develop partnerships and interactions within disciplines, thus fostering interdisciplinary research.

CTRMS grants assist national or international (based in Canada) thematic research resources to cover their operating and maintenance costs. The grants assist resources that have broad reach and provide significant value in advancing the state of knowledge in mathematics and statistics and related interdisciplinary research. Supported resources must be used by researchers from different institutions across Canada.  

Applications will be evaluated through a two-stage process. Initially, applicants must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). Applicants will be informed in June 2013 about the status of their intent. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a full application and will be given further instructions regarding the submission process.

Please see the following link for further information:

NSERC Contact: Madeleine Bastien, Team Leader, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences in Research Grants 

Letter of Intent: May 1, 2013 Applicant submits LOI to NSERC

(If invited to apply) Full Application: Internal Deadline: October 25 - Applicant submits on-line application (click submit to RGO), and sends a copy of OR-5 and application to: or by hard copy to Patti Minakis, Process Clerk  

External Deadline: November 1

Contact: Annette Clarke, Grants Officer, or 56927 for further questions.

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