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Guelph Food


Guelph is building an international reputation as the place for solving food-related problems.

Guelph Environment


Guelph expertise in environmental science is critical to the University's effort to build a better planet.

Learn About Research

Research is a cornerstone of the University of Guelph. Our research falls under four broad categories: Community, Environment, Food and Health. All areas of research are integral to the University of Guelph's success as one of Canada's top comprehensive universities. New and ongoing initiatives at Guelph are grounded in the belief that teaching and research are mutually reinforcing, and we strive to develop research in ways that can be carried into classroom teaching. Researchers at Guelph are affiliated with approximately 55 research centres and networks and range widely in discipline. Guelph has research partnerships with other universities, government and industry as well, in Ontario and Canada, as well as throughout North America and globally.

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