Ministry of Economic Development & Innovation (MEDI) Ontario-China Research & Innovation Fund (OCRIF) - Round 3

The Ontario-China Research & Innovation Fund (OCRIF) is born from a Memorandum of Understanding on Research and Innovation Cooperation (MOU) to promote scientific technological and industrial research and commercialization cooperation between the Government of Ontario and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People’s Republic of China. 


April 30, 2013        Full Applications to Research Office + OR-5

May 31, 2013         External deadline to MEDI

Scope: Projects must present a clearly-identified research focus. Ontario anticipates that two projects will be funded through the 2013 Call for Proposals. Networking and exploratory activities will not be supported under this program. In addition each project must clearly identify the value added that the Chinese partner(s) will contribute.

Priority Research Fields:   Water & Water-related technologies and Hydrogen Fuel Cells  

Research Team Structure:A lead Ontario applicant must form a dedicated team, including at least one lead China partner and at least one Ontario-based private-sector partner. Each research team is to be structured as follows:    Two Principal Investigators, one from Ontario and one from China, who will represent the project and be responsible for the management of the application and for the project’s internal scientific management.

Awards are up to $500,000 from OCRIF to fund the Ontario portion of the project. Additional project funding up to $500,000 will be provided to the corresponding Chinese applicant on each project by MOST to fund the China portion of the project.  Note:  Ontario’s financial assistance will not exceed 50% of the Ontario portion of eligible project expenditures. Ontario applicants will have to identify sources of matching cash and/or in-kind contributions for the remaining 50% of project costs. OCRIF funding is conditional on the corresponding Chinese applicant receiving funding approval from MOST. Funds will be disbursed annually & the project term should not exceed 3 years and is non-renewable.

Eligible Expenditures:

  • direct costs, incl. salaries and benefits, facilities and equipment, management & administration
  • indirect costs – the overhead costs of doing research

Evaluation Criteria:

·         Collaboration Foundation & Capability (15%)

·         Rationale for Collaborating with China (15%)

·         Research Plan and Scientific Excellence (30%)

·         Results Sharing and Intellectual Property Protection (10%)

·         Potential Benefits for Ontario and China (15%)

·         Project Implementation Feasibility (15%)

Guidelines & Forms:

Each application package is a compressed .zip file containing  program guidelines and application instructions (.doc). Download the application package and unzip the contents to get started.

Application package (ZIP - 339KB)

More info on the MRI website:

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