Alumni Profiles

Randy Still

(Biomedical Toxicology Co-op 1999)

Portrait of Randy StillRandy is employed as a Forensic Scientist within the Biology Section at the Centre of Forensic Sciences. Randy analyzes evidence from criminal investigations across Ontario, using body fluid identification and DNA analysis, to assist in distinguishing between individuals. Based on these results, he analyzes, interprets, prepares reports and testifies as an expert witness on the conclusions contained within these reports.


Randy chose the University of Guelph because of its Co-operative Education program and the strength of its science programs. The breadth of knowledge contained within a small "community feeling" university, with professors and teaching assistants who actually know your name, is something he feel is very unique to Guelph.


Jeff Perkins

(Biomedical Toxicology)

Portrait of Jeff Perkins Jeff works for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) as a Scientific Support Analyst. His scientific background and IT knowledge allow him to effectively communicate between the IT personnel, scientific staff and contracted laboratories to ensure successful projects. In addition to his liaison role, Jeff also coordinates the development, execution, and data management of the Food Inspection Branch’s testing programs.

Jeff chose Toxicology at Guelph because of its comprehensive yet applied program which allowed him to become a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ among the scientists in his job position.

Michelle Albanese

(Environmental Toxicology Co-op, Statistics minor, M.Sc. Environmental Sciences at Waterloo)

Portrait of Michelle AlbaneseMichelle got hired at Cantox Environmental Inc. as an Environmental Toxicologist as soon as she graduated. Currently, she is employed in the environmental field as a Senior Land Conservation Specialist, at Orland Conservation, a Guelph company specializing in the assistance of landowners and conservation organizations with long-term protection and securement of environmentally sensitive lands.

Michelle chose to study Environmental Toxicology at Guelph because she knew Guelph had a great reputation for the environmental sciences. She was also impressed by the co-op program, which allowed her to gain experiences in the field.


Kevin Taylor

(Biomedical Toxicology 1989, M.Sc. Physiology at Guelph 1991)

Portrait of Kevin Taylor Kevin currently works for Procter & Gamble as a Product Development Manager in Cincinnati, OH after being transferred in 1996 from the Toronto office.

Kevin chose to study toxicology because it offered a great mix of both the physical and biological sciences. He was especially interested in the effects of deleterious substances in biological systems when he made the decision to enter the toxicology program.

Lindsay Arthur

(Biomedical Toxicology, M.Sc. in Food Safety & Quality Assurance)

Lindsay is employed as an Applied Research Coordinator – On-Farm Food Safety with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).  Lindsay identifies, coordinates and communicates research to farmers to help them produce safer food.


Lindsay chose to study at the University of Guelph because of the excellent science reputation. She chose Biomedical Toxicology because of all the incredible and interesting courses and also the respect that was associated with the degree.


Monica Sabata Chamberlain

(Biomedical Toxicology 1996, RAC) 

Monica continued to receive her Regulatory Affairs Certification in US, the Canadian Certifications from The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, and the Canadian Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education Accreditation (formerly APMR).  She worked with CanReg in her early years at the Greater Hamilton Technology Center and held various responsibilities such as the CAPRA Director of Education Programmes.  At CanReg, she held the position as a Regulatory Affairs Associate and most recently as a Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate.   She first started off as being the fourth employee and has since then seen the company expand to over 100 employees.


At CanReg, Monica developed regulatory knowledge and considerable depth in the Canadian pharmaceutical area, as well as strong customer relations, successful clientele and project management, versatility and the ability to manage multiple parties.  Among her other tasks, she compiled dossiers to submit to Health Canada for approval and registration of Health Products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, vitamins, cosmetics and veterinary pharmaceuticals.


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