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September'07 - Student Thanks Dr. Boermans

Written by: Nick Jackowetz

Hello Dr. Boermans,

I thought I'd write to say thanks for providing me with a letter of recommendation a month ago.  I'm glad to say that everything worked out and I got into Cornell University and am currently beginning my first semester as a graduate student.

The professor I am working for is an oenologist and microbiologist by trade and my work will involve the use of different analytical methods to detect acetaldehyde in wines and other fermented beverages.  I am currently looking for a professor from Cornell's vet school to sit on my committee so I can investigate more about the toxicological roles of acetaldehyde.

Thanks again for you help and best of luck with the new Tox students this fall.



August'07 - New Career for BTOX Major

Adam Doane, a BTOX Major is the new Health & Safety Officer at College of Biological Science.


July'07 - Student Gets Accepted into University of Ulm

Congratulations to Stephen Weber, who has been accepted into the M.Sc. program, 'Advanced Materials' at the University of Ulm, Germany.


July'07 - Congratulations fo Tim and Michelle

Tim Boudreau and Michelle Phillips, together with their families, invite you to share in their marriage.

Saturday, 22nd September 2007 at 4:00 in the afternoon.
Johnson's Pond, Nova Scotia.

Reception immediately following at the Lloyd Family Camp, Sable River Comfortable Outdoor Dress, Charity Bar
Best wishes or donations to your favourite charity only, please RSVP by September 1st

This will be an eco-friendly wedding.



June'06 - Summer Research Opens Opportunities

Written by: Jeff Armour

I am currently involved with a SUSRA (Student Undergraduate Summer Research Award) at UOIT in Oshawa. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Holdway and working with a post-doctorate name Dr. Orrego. We are currently working on Dr. Orrego's project of testing pulp and paper mill effluent from Chile.

Already three weeks in, my fellow future master student and my names have been added to an abstract that Dr. Orrego sent to the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop in Nova Scotia. If everything works out well we shall be heading there at the end of September.
I may also be going with Dr. Orrego to the CCIW to do some hormone tests,  if permission to purchase and use radio isotopes here falls through.

In the fall I will be attending UOIT as a masters student under the supervision of Dr. Holdway.


October 19, 2006 - U of G Chemist Hopes to Decode Cancer-Causing Mould



June'05 - Master Student Recommends U of S

Vanessa Juneau is currently finishing the first year of her Master's in respiratory toxicology. She joined the University of Saskatchewan's Toxicology Graduate Program; Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She's investigating the role of Toll-like receptor-4 in pulmonary dysfunction following multiple exposures to swine barn air. The swine barn air contains lots of bacterial endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide; LPS), the ligand for TLR4. Ligation of LPS to TLR4 initiates the inflammatory cascade, neutrophilic infiltration, and potentially angiogenesis (the focus of my research). Vanessa will be attending the European Respiratory Society Meeting in Copenhagen this September and hopes to write by Christmas 2005.

To anyone from Guelph who wishes to do further studies, Vanessa highly recommends the research opportunities provided by the UofS - there are several graduates of both the environmental and biomedical tox streams.


June'05 - Master Student @ Queens

Elizabeth Hatton has been accepted to do her MSc at Queens, in Kingston, in September 05. The topic of her thesis will be looking at the role that the invasive Bythotrephes (spiny water flea) plays in lake food webs and mercury trophic transfer to fish. Elizabeth previously worked at GlobalTox.



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