About Turfgrass Outreach Project

Recent provincial legislation regarding pesticide use on turfgrass has impacted the methods that can be used to maintain safe athletic fields for sport. The OMAFRA-funded Turfgrass Outreach Project (TOP) seeks to address the implications of this ban in rural areas, with a particular focus on athletic and school fields. For a quick overview of the Turfgrass Outreach Project, click here.

TOP provides its supporters and partners with:

 Access to the online Knowledge Centre, featuring management strategies and
    advice from the University of Guelph's turfgrass specialists
 Networking with local turfgrass associations to strengthen communities and
    ensure knowledge transfer
 In-person outreach workshops providing hands-on information, allowing rural
    turfgrass managers to communicate their research needs, and fostering a
    Train the Trainer outreach program

Knowledge Centre

Learn all about turgrass care. Features management strategies and advice from the Guelph Turfgrass Insititute's turfgrass specialists.

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Learn about the 16 essential plant nutrients, and explore which nutrients require artificial supplementation as part of a fertilization program.

Learn about mowing best practices and maintenance procedures for healthier turfgrass.

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