About TOP

Recent provincial legislation regarding pesticide use on turfgrass has impacted the methods that can be used to maintain safe athletic fields for sport. The Turfgrass Outreach Project (TOP) seeks to address the implications of this ban in rural areas, with a particular focus on athletic and school fields. Through knowledge transfer and a series of education days, the project uses existing KTT partnerships of professional organizations, OMAFRA and the Guelph Turfgrass Institute (GTI) to reach out to rural turfgrass managers, allowing them to successfully comply with provincial legislation. Outreach to rural communities will involve affordable and time efficient instruction to managers of rural school grounds and athletics fields. The main program components include:

1. Knowledge transfer through the provision of current education materials and the development of networking. On-line networks, open public web pages, and traditional professional organization websites (Sports Turf Association, Guelph Turfgrass Institute) will be employed to disseminate current research in improved management, reducing environmental impact and cost.
2. Provision of turfgrass management training program, involving clear, concise learning materials in text and audio-visual formats, and educational workshops supporting the education of new management techniques.
3. Provision of a 'Train the Trainer' program, allowing rural sportsfield managers the opportunity for further outreach and development of turfgrass management within their communities.

The Turfgrass Outreach Project is currently in the growth phase where school, municipal, and other sports field managers are being contacted for their support and potential participation. Educational materials are also being developed for dissemination to participating organizations and institutions.

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