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Welcome to a Celebration of a Century of Success

On April 10 th 1905 the Town Council in Beamsville (Ontario) moved that “the council favour a proposition of establishing an experimental station and horticultural farm somewhere in the Niagara peninsula whereby one of the principal industries, that of fruit growing, will be placed on such a basis that such product will meet the demands of shippers to distant points both as to qualities and varieties”.   Subsequently, a delegation of fruit growers was sent to the provincial government to petition for the establishment of an experimental station.   And on December 27, 1906 land was granted by Moses F. Rittenhouse for that purpose.   The Beamsville Town Council and Moses F. Rittenhouse had great vision for the horticultural industry in Niagara.

It is with great joy and anticipation that we celebrate 100-Years of Success.   Events throughout 2006 will express fulfillment of the vision of the Beamsville Council and Rittenhouse.     The unveiling of the 100-Year History, the presentation of each seminar, the gathering of family and community, and the Celebration dinner will, each, highlight the realization of this vision.   And the future is building on the success of the past.   The creation of a centennial scholarship will aid young minds to pursue solutions to problems in Niagara horticulture.

As chairman of the Vineland Centennial Celebration 2006 Committee I invite you to join in the Celebration.

I am looking forward to seeing you during 2006!

Danny Lee Rinker

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